Our Products

5M - Mask Making Militia

5MMASK as a company is committed to offering the best non-medical face masks anywhere. We are continually striving to offer an uncompromising product and top-notch customer service.

Safe + Stylish. Fashionable + Functional.

5MMASK is dedicated to creating masks that make no sacrifices for functionality or for style. Our masks cover a wide range of styles and price points, and we aim to have a mask for everyone. From utilitarian masks designed to be worn on their own, to covers which allow the insertion of a secondary respirator, to our soon-to-be-released "Artisanal Couture" collection, we offer products designed to simply keep you safe as well as masks created to allow for expression of creative and artistic individuality.

Our Masks

We offer three main styles of mask, all designed in-house, with none being copies of existing products. Our masks are well thought-out, in both design and construction, in order to offer the safest, most stylish and most comfortable non-medical masks available anywhere.

Regardless of style, we have a number of guiding principles which inform the design of our masks:

The mask must comfortably fit the wearer.

∙ The mask must have enough room for the nose and mouth to not inhibit breathing.

 The mask must properly fit and cover the face of the wearer from above the nose (just below the eyes) to where the chin meets the neck. The mask should reach sideways to about an inch from each ear.

 Since all faces are different, we offer all of our masks in two sizes, and all masks have adjustable features which allow the wearer to make sure the mask is fitted to the face without any gaps or weak points.

 All our masks are made of natural fibers of the highest quality (with very few exceptions). We use cottons, linens, silks, wool and leathers in the production of our masks. Fabrics are carefully selected and are the highest possible quality. A mask rests against the wearer's face in a very personal space, so the mask MUST be comfortable against the skin. The only man-made fiber used in 5M masks is polypropylene, which is used for filtration purposes and does not come in contact with the skin.

5M - VP1 Self Filtering Mask

The VP1 mask has an outer layer which is constructed from a single piece of fabric which is darted and shaped to the face.  The VP1 is only available in adult sizes and features a 2-inch elastic strap with adjustable Velcro closure. The VP1 mask is SELF-FILTERING, meaning it offers filtration without the need for any additional membranes or respirators. The VP1 mask has two internal layers of polypropylene for filtration. Like all 5M masks, the VP1 is not disposable but is rather washable and reusable.

5M - VP2 Mask Covers

The VP2 mask is constructed with an outer layer formed from two separate pieces of fabric with a center seam. It is our most popular style of mask and comes in four variations. The VP2 is offered in four total sizes, Adult Small and Large, and two children's sizes, one for ages 1-4 and one for ages 5-10. Only the VP2 is offered in children's sizes.

VP2 Unbacked Mask Cover
The most basic mask offered is 5M's VP2 unbacked mask cover. The mask cover is designed to work in tandem with an N95 or similar respirator, as it only offers minimal protection on its own. The unbacked mask cover is primarily designed to be used by doctors and other professionals who are dealing with shortages of N95 masks. By preventing soil and removing the strain from the elastic of the N95, VP2 covers can extend the lifespan of N95 respirators and decrease the number of N95 respirators needed. The mask cover can also be worn by anyone who requires only a basic level of protection or who plans to always insert an N95.

VP2 Self-Filtering (Polyproyplene-Backed) Mask
Our most popular and varied style of mask, the VP2 is available with a polypropylene backing, which offers level 1 protection without the need for another membrane or respirator. The self-filtering VP2 can also have an N95 or similar respirator inserted for increased filtration and protection. For most people in most situations, the polypropylene-backed VP2 offers sufficient protection.

VP2 Weightless Masks
5MMASK aims to provide Fashionable + Functional masks, and to this end we have introduced the Weightless line to keep wearers Safe + Stylish even in warm climates and summer months.
Our Weightless VP2 Masks are our lightest and coolest face masks yet, designed to keep wearers cool and comfortable even in warm weather. With no filter pocket, the weightless masks are all offered in the self-filtering style with a polypropylene backing.

VP2, Over-the-head or around-the-ear?
In general, we prefer over-the-head straps rather than around-the-ear. Over-the-head straps tend to attach the mask more securely to the face, in addition to offering advantages over two key problems: 
(a) Not all ears are created equal. The differences in individuals ears can lead to the need to readjust the mask to keep it fitted. Touching the face to readjust the mask is not recommended.
(b) Face masks always have the potential to cause some discomfort when worn for long periods of time. If elastic straps run behind the ears, it creates one more surface which may become irritated or sore with continued wear. Over-the-head straps in general are less likely to cause discomfort.

Despite these advantages, there are distinct situations in which around-the-ear straps are preferable to over-the-head. For example, some hairstyles, such as thick dreadlocks, may make over-the-head straps difficult to wear. For this reason, 5M does offer a limited selection of around-the-ear masks.

VP3 Self Filtering Masks

The VP3 is the newest offering from 5M. As the name suggests, the VP3 mask is created with an outer layer made of 3 pieces of fabric. It has no seam running down the front, creating a clean look straight-on and allowing for custom masks to have logos  and graphics printed in the center of the mask. The VP3 is currently offered in fabrics such as linen, denim and leather. All VP3 masks are self-filtering and offer level 1 protection. They may also be used in tandem with an N95 or similar respirator.

Other Products

5M offers several other products in addition to the main VP lines. Our product range is continually expanding, so check back for updates.

Comfort Headbands
Our Comfort Headband is designed to be a solution for individuals who must wear around-the-ear masks frequently, designed to reduce discomfort. The straps of the mask are attached to buttons on the headband, reducing stress on the ears. The headband features four buttons, two on each side, allowing the wearer to adjust the fit of their mask.

Face Shield
5M face shield is a simple yet effective shield which creates a barrier all around the wearer's head. Made of clear plastic and worn via a headband, the face shield offers full-face coverage.